ANDIS Pro-Foil Lithium Shaver Replacement Foil 17155
ANDIS Pro-Foil Lithium Shaver Replacement Foil 17155

ANDIS Pro-Foil Lithium Shaver Replacement Foil 17155

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Product Description

The Andis D-8 Replacement T-blade for T-outliner trimmers is favored by barbers due to its capacity to produce precise designs and outlines. Since 1922, the Andis company has produced products that are of a professional caliber. The D-8 deep tooth blade can be used for light fading and allows longer hair to feed through the blade more quickly. For maintaining a beard, trimmers with attachment combs work great. The heat-resistant close-cutting T-blade offers a smoother, cooler cutting experience. Installing T-blades is easy & longevity your blade’s life by oiling them before every use.

  • REPLACEMENT FOIL & CUTTER: Replacement for Andis 17150 lithium foil shaver, when the foil and cutter get dull, you may replace them to keep your shaver in excellent cutting shape.
  • ZERO FINISH: Gold titanium foils for zero finishes that are ultra-thin and suitable for the most sensitive skin without being painful or irritating.
  • BUMP FREE: The diamond finishing enables dry trimming, zero overlaps, and a super-close, clean shave without generating razor bumps or irritation.
  • EASILY CHANGE: You simply follow the instructions to change the foil and cutter, which is quite convenient and easy.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: This pro shaver replacement foil and cutter is 1 x 1 x 1 inch in size, weighs 1.12 ounces, and has a length of 1.38 inches. Replacement foil and cutter for the pro foil shaver 17155 packed together.

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