RUBIS SWITZERLAND Classic Slant Tweezers - Blue 1K109

RUBIS SWITZERLAND Classic Slant Tweezers - Blue 1K109

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Precision tweezers with slanted tip. The slanted tip nestles perfectly to the curve of your eyebrows. The inner tweezers heel grips the hair over the entire surface and pulls it out with the entire root. This slows down the hair regrowth. These slanted tweezers easily grip even the finest hairs as well as the unpleasant initial stubble of regrowing hair. Perfect ergonomics allows superb handling of the tweezers.

We recommend that you do not disinfect or sterilize the coated portion of the tweezers and always use the protective cap provided when storing your Rubis tweezers after use. Every pair of Rubis tweezers is handmade and although the tips are durable, their functionality may be compromised if the tweezers accidentally fall and hit a hard surface.

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